[Recipe] Mixed Vege Rice

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This is a recipe that is passed to me by my mum. Probably is quite popular dish among the hokkiens. For cantonese, they love to add in chinese sausages but for us, we prefer pork belly. I tried cooking it using chicken but it doesnt taste as good. somehow i feel the rice is not as fragrant as is cooked using pork belly (the fats).

so other than pork belly as the important ingredient, personally i feel the type of cabbage is also very important. usually i choose those big cabbages and not the ones that call beijing cabbage (normally i use them for stirred fry).  Mushrooms also very important too and i use those from Japan (available from Hock Hua).

1.  8 pieces of mushrooms ~ soften and sliced. Tips : to fasten the process of softening the mushrooms, you can boil them and add a little bit of sugar. Then retain the water, filter the water to remove the impurities. saved it for later stage. usually is about a bowl.
2. 1 handful of dried shrimps washed and set aside haha ~ usually i use my hand to gauge
3. 2-3 shallots sliced
4. 100g of pork belly sliced
5. 1 1/2 cup of rice
6. 1/4 cabbage sliced


  1. stir fry the shallots until golden brown, set aside
  2. using the remaining oil, stir fry the shrimps about 3 mins
  3. add in the pork belly and mushrooms. continue to stir fry until it is almost cooked
  4. Add in the cabbage and mushrooms water and some soya sauce for seasoning. shimmer it for awhile
  5. Add in the rice and mix it evenly
  6. then pour everything to the rice cooker and add sufficient water for the rice to be cooked. you may need to observe the amount of water as it is dependant on the amount of cabbage u add. too much cabbage will make the rice soggy. Add in some soya sauce if you add water else it will be tasteless.
Serve when cooked.