[Holiday] My First Trip to Melbourne with my mum ~ Day 1

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Consider it as a family trip cos i am going together with my cousins and my auntie and my mum. and of cos, the Husiban. It is meant to be a free and easy road trip which took 1 week of planning, almost 4 months of talk only no action. haha. we only execute it in April by booking the trip from Chan Brothers, and then waiting patiently for it to happen.

So it started during Chinese New Year when me and my cousins were talking about bringing our mums for a holiday. We started to search for countries to go to ~ From Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand. We finally nail down to Melbourne as it is a country where all of us have never been before. It is my mum, auntie and cousins ' first trip to a Ang Mo country. then we sit on it for awhile before revisiting the idea again. Did some planning our selves at first but realize that if we want to book everything our selves, it may be more costly than we book it through an agency. So my BFF, YJ shared with me that she went Melbourne with Chan Brothers and the experience is gd. So decided to pop by for a visit. While we were there, we are dumped with alot of itineraries and almost move out of track too. Like visiting 2 cities at 1 go, staying in 1 city only, travel with group, even the itinerary within 1 city is also so hard to decide. Finally we decided to make some changes to one of the existing itinerary.  That is Farm stay. Chan Brother's very accommodating staff agreed to help us make the necessary arrangements, so this is what we had

1. Replace 1 day hotel with a Farm Stay experience @ Down under Farm stay
2. Replace 3 sedan car with 1 8 seater car

with a little top up here and there, plus a little surprise voucher i got from one of my blogging activities.so we paid approximately 1.8k per pax with the following inclusive

1. Hotel Accomodation
2. Qantas Return air tickets
3. Passes to Koala conservation centre and some of other parks in Philip Island
4. laser show pass
5. Ferry passes

so after we finalized our itinerary, there we go. Incase you may wonder what happen to Zeus and Faith while we are away, so we arrange a close friend of ours to come our house for staycation and to look after them. =)

Our flight is a night flight so we board the plan at about 10 plus and reach Mel at about 7plus in the morning. this is my first time taking a Qantas- Emirates flight and i dont know if to describe their customer service is extremely good or bad. they are super customer oriented that they assure you that you will not be hungry, thirsty at all times. so they will serve u food, drinks as long as they see that you are wake. to me, i just want get some sleep but my hub who sits by the window is fully awake so he gets food and drinks while i get the "disturb" from all these stuff. *faint*. so i landed in Mel ~ #zombified.

for this trip, i travel pretty light. erhmm..light means i did not bring my DSLR along but my T10. No, i did not dump my nikon. just that for this trip, i anticipate alot of walking so i decided to bring something light. So far, i am still trying to learn how to use this camera and i must say, this camera is really good and the quality of the pictures are superb. best of all, it comes with wireless, so i can transfer the pictures to my phone and upload them everytime i have wifi! #fujifilm T10 #ilovefujifilm

so we touched down at Mel airport and waited at least 2 hrs to clear customs. the sleepy n zombified us then proceed to pick up our rented car from Hertz.

so something to remind me about Hertz and car rental that i want to pen it down here. The car rental services comes with a GPS that is call "never lost" but sadly, we always got lost using it and end up using our handphone GPS instead. It doesnt cover insurance and tariffs. so what we did was, we paid for a insurance that covers us during our trip and have the tariffs charge to our credit card. u can choose not to purchase the car insurance but if there are any accidents involved during the trip, it will be quite costly. so take it!!
on the GPS, it comes free with the car rental..so..just take it too!

After we pick up the car and familiarizing how to operate the car, we hit on the road and begin our road trip! ~ First stop : Farm Stay. the location of the farm is pretty near the airport which is about 45 mins drive away but sadly, we misread the address and end up at the other end of Melbourne after driving about 3 hrs. lucky we called Mr Rob and clarify the address. We managed to reach there after 2 hrs of drive *phew*.

so we had a wonder late lunch before we go out for some farm activities!

the farm activities will include feeding the horses, sheeps,..etc. this is really my first time close encounter with a horse and it is really beautiful..i love the horse very much!

the sky turns really dark during winter time so we had to stop all activities and then settle down for dinner!again, Rob and his wife cooked a wide spread for us and it is really yummy

so after dinner, we head back to our room to rest and prepare for the next day