[Holiday] My first trip to Melbourne with Mummy ~ Day 2

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we woke up with a better weather this time and we can see some sunny sunlight in the morning.

After we had our breakfast, we bid our goodbyes to our wonderful hosts and continue our journey to Apollo Bay. We do stopovers during our journey there for short breaks as well as to pump petrol before night falls. the road to Apollo is pretty long. so we do pass by Ballarat for a short break before heading on to Apollo Bay. This time round, one of our To-Do list is to have at least a meal at their McDonalds haha. So we did!  and we love it! especially they serve yummlicous hot choco for the cold winter and macaroons in their McCafe! #whytheydonthaveinSG

after our short break, we continue our long long journey to Apollo. It was a long journey there. Petrol cost..rather..expensive here but the car is quite fuel efficient i guess. half tank cost us about 80 AUD ++.
on our way there, we saw a beautiful sight ~ Rainbow ! it is so beautiful cos it just come out of nowhere and in the middle of the green field. just like fairy tale

after a long journey, we finally reach Quality Suites Deep Blue. initially we wanted to catch some laser show (complimentary by the agency) but we decided to forgo it and have a good dinner instead lol.

the fire place at our hotel...beautiful.

so after we check in to our rooms, we head out for dinner =). during winter, shops and restaurants close super early i guess and by the time we reach our destination for food, almost all restaurants are closing soon. and we are left with little choices. after much discussion, we decided to settle down for western food lolx.

western food in ang mo countries is always very good. lol. i guess my mum enjoy herself very much lo. especially her first time in ang mo country. hahaha

after a super full dinner, we head bk to our hotel for a early night rest.