[Holiday] My first trip to Melbourne with Mummy ~ Day 4

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Time flies really especially when u r on holiday! its Day 4 of our holiday in Melbourne. We woke up super early in the morning (for sun rise but i failed la). nevertheless, we still wake up quite early for our activities. took a little walk along the beach. i really love the air and weather in Melbourne. It is so cool and refreshing!

after photo taking and exploring the area, we set off for our next destination. Today we are supposed to take a ferry with our car to Mornington Pennisular! We stop by at one of the cafe for breakfast

after a quick breakfast, we head down to the jetty and wait for our turn to board the ferry.

after boarding, we can get off the car and rest at the lobby situated in the ferry itself. while my mummy and auntie is resting, we explore the place. ooo. i love the sea! is so blue!

fantastic weather for the day! we wanted to do a few activities but do not want to let our parents feel left out so decided to so something fun together! going to the maze park hahaha. quite kiddo place but i think my mummy had fun there!

there are chess and maze in the park lol. 

din know my auntie is the master of chess lolx

i love this picture of him..so sunshine haha

now is my cousins' turn and then my auntie come to the rescue hahaha

after this, we visited some wine yard n bought some wine back lolx.

we also went to the honey farm and bought back alot of manuka honey lolx

Good for skin yeah?

lol. after our honey farm trip, we headed down to our hotel to check in before our dinner.
this time round is like a small cottage type of hotel. room wise is quite cosy

it was freezing in the night that day. so we decided to head out for some soupy food at some chinese restaurant

i always find the chinese food in western countries taste much different from the real chinese countries. haha but still as good

lol. even their peking duck also taste different from Singapore

after a heavy dinner, we headed bk to our hotel for some rest...last but not least, show u a picture of the beautiful moon that night