[Personal] The story of breast pump

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I never thought the importance of a breast pump until i started expressing my breast milk in the wee hours after 3 weeks Z is born. Initially i thought "ai ya, breast pump only, as long as it works can already". But now, i think otherwise. No. Breast pump is very important to me. Of cos, my son is always the best breast pump ever..provided he don't concuss halfway and stop whatever he is doing. *faint*.

my human pump

Initially i took the advice of "tested and proven" concept but this "tested and proven" is not by me but someone else. of cos, i did a little research online before purchasing my current breast pump. but i guess, i did not think much details. haiz. my bad.

I am not saying that the current breast pump don't serve me well. just that i need something better. so this is what i feel about my breast pump.

1. Speed in expressing. being a cow is a very tough job ( don't get me wrong. i love being the cow for my son but is very tiring. i wake up in wee hours, half asleep expressing milk with leaking breast..). Ardo breast pump takes 1 hr to empty my breast totally and due to the lack of "power" , sometimes i take 2 hrs to empty..of cos, you may debate that expressing milk is like that but i prefer something more powerful so that i can get some quality sleep and spend time with my son in the morning instead of napping away to compensate the lack of sleep in the night

2. size of the pump. despite this pump allows me to use batteries but the size of the pump itself..erhmm. is big. i would prefer something smaller instead. thank you.

3. sound. quite quiet to me

4. Easy to use. 2 settings. vacuum and cycle. no need to read the manual also know how to use the pump.

5. weight of the pump. i think without putting in the batteries , it should be quite light together with the power adaptor.i cannot imagine i need to carry batteries if i bring the pump out for shopping..so is either i pump at home using the breast pump else i bring the human pump wherever i go. which i prefer the latter. lolx.

so now i am in search of a new breast pump that can serve me better. Did a little research, placed an order for a Spectra 9+ from q010 and waiting "impatiently" for it to arrive. So you may be wondering why i choose to purchase from q010(order from korea) instead of some of the local website. Cos the local ones are selling $299 at least while the korean set i am getting is $132. which i don't think i want to spend another bomb on a pump anymore. The Ardo one cost $500 plus if i recall correctly. so stay tune for my review on my Spectra breast pump.

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