[Personal] Whats in your diaper bag?

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After #bbz is born, i always wondering how to pack my diaper bag especially i am thinking of putting my DSLR / T10 into the bag so that i can snap pictures of him. Although i have a PNS (point and shoot) camera but the quality is not as per what i wan especially i cannot use flash on him.

the Husiban got me a Kate spade diaper bag which is pretty big and i am wondering if i can put in my camera together with the baby stuff or i should get a bigger bag? i did research on the bags online and wondering if i should invest in a bigger bag or i should bring diaper bag + camera bag each time i go out (after my confinement)?

so i came across this blog post -> read here . i really love the desiggn of the bags but haiz. out of my budget le. so sad. then i saw the padded partitions at 78 bucks then i suddenly recall i also bought something similar..so..i guess i save money afterall lolx.

So lets see what i have in my diaper bag

  1. 1 set of baby clothes. -> in case he dirty his clothes, i got spare for him to change
  2. 2-3 small towers -> feeding use. nowadays he play with my nipples and got all breast milk all over his face. FML
  3. 2-3 diapers
  4. 1-3 packets of huggies wet tissues (small packet)
  5. 1 jacket for him -> incase he feel cold
  6. My camera insert -> probably put my T10 instead of my DSLR liao. with 1 prime lens n battery bah
  7. my wallet and HP
  8. breastfeeding shield

i m still thinking if i need to bring thermal flask and also milk powder and milk bottle as i prefer to direct latch him when i am out. hmmm

then again, the concept of Nadine carryall tote from Aide de Camp really entice me lol.