[Recipe] Braised Meat patties

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This is a recipe that is passed to me by my mum. My mum has been experimenting on the way how the meat patties should be done such that it taste perfect. It took her a long time to get the perfect texture and taste.

Minced Pork - Marinated with sugar and light soya sauce and garlic (chopped )

Minced garlic
Minced ginger
Dark soya sauce
light soya sauce to taste
oyster sauce to taste

To make the meat patties more juicy and more "springy", add in the sugar,garlic and light soya sauce and mixed evenly. Instead of adding corn starch directly to the meat, use corn starch water and add in some ice water. this will prevent the meat from being too dry. mixed evenly in 1 direction until the meat is in a paste form.

  1. Take the meat paste and make into small patties
  2. Pan fry the meat patties to golden brown color
  3. stirred fry the minced garlic and ginger until fragrant
  4. Add in dark soya sauce and oyster sauce
  5. Add in water
  6. Add in the meat patties
  7. Add in water and light soya sauce (to taste) to cover the meat patties and allow it to shimmer for 30-45 min
  8. take out the meat patties and place on the plate
  9. Add in a little corn starch water to make the sauce and pour it on the meat patties. Serve when hot