[Recipe] Salted fish Chicken Cube Toufu

Salted Fish Chicken Cubes Toufu Salted Fish Chicken Cubes Toufu

1 Chicken thigh - chop into cubes ( i use half as i only use 1 box of tofu), marinate with soya sauce and potato flour
1 box of silken tofu chop into diced
1 piece of salted fish diced into small pieces
1 clove of garlic chopped
1-2 tablespoon of oyster sauce to taste

  1. Sautéed the marinated chicken and set aside
  2. Sautéed the garlic and salted fish until fragrant
  3. Add in the tofu and 1-2 tablespoon of water
  4. Add in the oyster sauce,chicken and mixed evenly.
  5. Garnish with some diced chili and served when hot