[Personal] Travelling with your little one

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Oh boy, I am so excited. We are travelling with our little one in first week of November to Korea! Yes! We booked the air tickets and planning our itinerary now! This time round we are going with our friends with their little one too! it will be two families together! i am sure the boys will enjoy the companionship of each other! i am so excited again!

So i decided to pen this down on what are the things i intend to bring for my little one. Feel free to message me if i miss out any or i bring too much things lol.

Diaper bag
My diaper bag has been upgraded to a backpac instead of the usual kate spade one. personally i feel that carrying a backpac for traveling is much easier than a sling one or a tote. i bought my backpac from http://13thirteen.com.sg/ . The bag is of good quality and it contains many useful compartments for me. it also comes with a changing mat that allows me to change his wee wee diapers where ever i go.

In the Diaper bag

  1. Camera - I decided to travel light this time so i probably wont be bringing my DSLR but my Fujifilm T1 instead. i am still undecided on which camera to use actually. if DSLR, i will mount my 17-50mm lens and only that lens. If T1, i probably can bring along the prime lens if needed and the accessories is pretty small and light as compared to my DSLR.
  2. Diapers - i probably pack about 6-12 in my diaper bag but i will bring 1 full back of diapers maybe? or half. since I am going to korea, i probably get some if i run out of them
  3. Diaper cream, Ruyi oil  - i need to really remind myself to put into a zip lock bag
  4. Thermal Flask full of water 
  5. Pacifier - at least 1
  6. Milk powder container
  7. Jacket - for the little one , for mine, i probably will hold on to it
  8. 1 set of changing clothes
  9. Wet tissues - i probably bring  1- 2 packets and get the rest in korea if i run out of them
  10. my Trusty Tula - i am contemplating on bring 2 SSC instead of 1. Like MGG + Tula or Tula + Ergo or MGG + Ergo..i will put one in the backpac and one in the luggage. i probably will need to try out if Z can fit MGG now also since he is already 4 mths plus going 5.
  11. my folderable bowl + spoon - i reckon he will be on solid food by the time we are going to korea
  12. blanket  / muslim cloth to cover himself
  13. ipad - to bring or not to bring?
  14. His scarf and cap
  15. Our passports
  16. Handphone and wallet
  17. Chargers
In his luggage
I think he probably will occupy the 1 big luggage himself or else i will share mine with him lol. I guess Korea is a pretty baby friendly place so some of the items i can purchase it in their supermarket easily so it will lighten our baggage
  1. Clothes
  2. 1 tin of milk ( if i dont breast feed anymore)
  3. 1 tin of milk cereal
  4. Jackets
  5. Shoes ( i will wear his furry "burberry lookalike" shoe on him. maybe i will bring a extra pair)
  6. Diapers (half a packet)
I don't intend to buy alot of winter clothes for him as he outgrown them very quickly. So i just prepared the minimal one and if we need extra, we will get it in Korea. Besides, we are going in Autumn, i guess the temperature wont be as bad as in Winter?

So mummies who have travelled with their LO, anything else i missed out ?