[Personal] Zachariah @ 5 mths

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Time flies and i am back to workforce for 2 months. and we will be going for our holiday next week! Yeah! family bonding time. I really do hope that we can have solid time together. At age of 5 mths, he is starting on solid and is really good with rice cereal already. so we are slowing moving on to explore other puree food.

Major Milestones so far
1. Able to flip back and fro - This make him a terrible sleeper as i need to constantly wake up to ensure that his sleeping position is safe and correct
2. Able to make sound and responsive to us - Yes. he is more and more adorable now. especially more interaction
3. Able to sit but not on his own yet - with some support
4  trying mimic our actions - especially i do a count 1 - 5 and then wave my hand and say no more
5. Love bathing - love to splash water ya?
6. trying hard to crawl - erhm..backwards? u really make us laugh when u wiggle yourself backwards instead of moving forward
7. two tiny white pearlies now - how exciting. your first 2 pearlies are out! now you can start to munch on biscuits!

well, i cant wait for him to grow up and i hope that he will be a obedient boy who love animals and kind heart boy.

Zachariah, mummy's letter to you :

Dearest Zachariah

I dont know if you will read mummy's blog but i really wish to tell you that i love you very much. I am grateful that you come into my life, be part of my life. You have learn to love Zeus and Faith. A very strong headed boy who will insist on getting what you want at this tender age. U dont nap very often and long hours now, especially day time.  U are picky on the taste of your food- doesnt like sour food, like food with strong taste (especially the broth we used to prepare your porridge needs to be boiled for hours), U also like to stand on your feet now and get excited when we talk to you.

U have grown so much as compare to when you are born. In my heart, you are the most handsome boy and you will always be. I have no regrets in going tru the pain to give birth to you. You complete my life. I look forward everyday to be with you.

Your mummy