[Food] Omakase @ affordable prices

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Many of the bloggers blogged about Hana Restaurant previously on their attractive value for money Omakase. I always wanted to do this with my husband as he has never tried Omakase before. So after reading much reviews, we decided to pay this restaurant a visit

Located at  #01-17 Orchard Forum Singapore 238884. The restaurant is not difficult to find if you take the lift up from the basement carpark. it is just in front of the lift. 

You will be warmly greeted by their staff upon arrival. You can get to choose the counter seats or the normal dining table seats. 

One of the promotions that we saw was Omakase for $30++ (9 courses) for monday and we were told that they were also having the same promotion on Tuesday too. $30 ++ for Omakase is really a good steal! Initially I was quite skeptical on the quality of Omakase but surprisingly, the food is very good and super value for money.

We started off with deep fried Unagi bone. the bone is deep fried until so crispy that it taste like crackers and you cant get enough of it. 

Next is the soupy Tuna with radish. The radish and tuna is very well cooked and you will know that it is cooked over long hours. 

Next is the prickles. I am not a fan of prickles seriously. but this is really appetizing for me. it just open your appetite for more food to come.

Next is the grill mackerel. The fish is very fresh and well grilled. However, the intestines of the fish is not removed so it taste yucky for me. 

Next is their Sashimi Salad. Thinly sliced fresh sashimi with Wasabi as the "salad sauce". I am not a wasabi lover so I added some soya sauce to remove the "choking" feeling caused by Wasabi

Next is their Yasai Itame. Very crispy and fresh! i love it.

Their soup is a little disappointing as it is just normal miso soup. However, looking at the price we are paying. still worth it.

Initially we are quite worried on the quantity of the food as we are coming almost to the end of 8th dish and we are not full yet haha. but we were caught by surprised with 2 mini bowls with Chirashi don. They uses brown rice instead of the white ones n each mouth you get to taste the freshness of the sashimi with prickles. We can say that other than the Sashimi salad, this will probably be the highlight of the dinner

ending the Omakase with red bean desert. not too sweet.

So there you are. For a price of $30++, you also get to taste good quality Omakase. lolx. no fanciful dishes, just simple and good Japanese cuisines.
Do check out their promotions on their website and you will be in for a treat! 

For reservations, please call +65 6737 5525. Opening hours: 11.30am - 10.00pm

Food : ***
Price : ***
Will i come again? : Yes