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Greetings. I happen to stumble on this website one day http://sg.althea.kr that sells korea beauty products from Korea. As you are aware, I just came back from Korea. Korea is a place where you can find the latest makeup and beauty products! is my shopping heaven. Unfortunately, how much can u bring back from Korea? 1 year supply of products and then how? is not possible for you to stock up as they have expiry date. =(

This website brings you some of the products from Korea!

Just simply go to this website and select the products that you want! their prices are definitely cheaper than what you see in Singapore cos they are direct from Korea!

With purchases above $50 dollars, you will entitled free shipping from Korea to SG!
how cool is that!

so here is a peep to what i purchased.

Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash

Power 10 Formula GF Effector

The Style 4D Mascara

Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

Matt Cushion


some of the products are not available in Singapore and i can get them now via the website! for this round of purchase, i am deeply in love with the matt cushion as it really keeps my face matt even after a day of using it! My make up doesnt get as oily as compared using other cushion! another one of my fav will be the 4D mascara which evenly spans out my lashes! not to mention that i got all these products for $50 bucks! very value for money and is full item size, not samples ok?!

 So what are you waiting for? go to this URL now and happy shopping!