[Personal] Seoul Good 2015 - Day 2

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Having a baby traveling is hard to follow itinerary that we plan accordingly as our time is very much dependant on the time they wake up, wash up and prepare to go to the place we want to go. That is also part of the reason we choose to be on a free and easy trip as we are more flexible on timing and we can tend to our little ones as and when we need.

So my little one woke up at about 8am usually, by the time we bathe him, get him and pack his barangs ready, is almost close to 10am. So we pop by to the nearest mall for our brunch.

our brunch in Busan lol. we planned to go to their fish market but woke up too late also haha. anyway. we decided to do some shopping in one of their biggest mall - Lotte. With kids, is easier for us to go shopping as their changing rooms are easily available. Their rooms are very well equipped which makes me conclude that Korea is a baby friendly place to go to. they even have cots to let your baby sleep.

this is my little one trying to charm one of the ahjumas. lol

there is a sky park at the roof top of the mall and a small animal farm. The place is quite cool and we love the weather there, especially Zach

snacks available at the malls are super yummy, i think zach will enjoy it more now as he is more of a foodie now like me

After a day shopping, we went to their local food street to eat some street food. i really enjoy eating at the streets especially on a cool weather like this.

of cos, we also settle down at home of their restaurants for a proper BBQ dinner. personally i find that BBQ dinner is quite a chore for me especially i need to handle a crawling baby. In the restaurant is super hot and they on the heater so makes the baby very uncomfortable. So during the dinner, it is quite tough for us to sit down to have a proper meal there =(. but the food is great.

after our dinner, we head back to rest as the boys getting tired.  I guess we din manage to cover our planned itinerary and also as much places of interest in Busan cos we always need to pause to take care of our kids.