[Personal] Seoul Good 2015 Day 3

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We stayed 1 night in Busan and woke up the next day to head back to Seoul. We woke up pretty early to catch the 10am train and to grab something to eat too.

Did i mention that Dunkin donuts in Korea is awesome? they have pretty good coffee and latte and best of all is that their coffee and latte are placed in cute cups like the one i am holding

had a quick breakfast before we head up to the boarding platform. hmm. i guess instant noodles aka ramen is a quick fix for us and of cos, it cost much more than we cooked ourselves lol
we had a quick fix for lunch once we reach Seoul too. this time we have McDonalds. i remember the last time i been to Seoul with my parents, i been to their McDonalds and i am surprised by their variety of burgers . Now, it hasn't change the impression bit. See?
you don't get to eat this in Singapore.

Bulgogi burger

back in Seoul we stayed in Ibis hotel @ Meonydeong which is quite accessible to food and shopping. We rest for awhile before head out for dinner. For your info, it is pretty easy to commute in Seoul and Korea with their public transport -> MRT. they have stations in english and if you are with a child, they will automatically give up their seats for you even the elderly. The elderly even help to entertain Zach when he fuss in the train lol. not like Singapore..grrhh

like i mention, a baby carrier is the best way for me to bring my son around =). he love to sleep in it and also easier for me to keep him warm too.

For zach, we din layer him a lot. Just a long sleeve shirt and a pullover. Cos when we reach the malls, he perspire already and he will feel very warm when i baby wear him. Our stroller comes with a winter cover that keeps him warm too

head for some street food again

we went to one of the malls for dinner.

Ginseng and herbs are sold like Veges in the supermarket

Zach charming the Oni again

Christmas lightings were up

did a little shopping again for some baby stuff and street food eating. i think we eat most of the time in Korea too

after that we head back to hotel for the night rest. haha..pretty boring right. With my little girl now, i wonder when is the next trip and where haha. it will be much boring than this? Cos handling them now back in Singapore.. i only got one word.."faint" lol

Zach now throw tantrums if he did not get what he wants and is bit handful now. Where else hannah is still ok except her irregular sleeping time haiz. don't think traveling is near any future for now =(.