[Recipe] My Anyhow Anyhow Kong Bak Bao

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I wanted to make kong bak with yam the other day, however i din managed to get one of the ingredients that i want so i decided to change the dish into a kong bak bao instead. The dish is pretty simple to cook except the preparation time takes very long hours.

1. Pork Belly
2. 4-5 cloves of garlic with skin
3. 2 slices of ginger

Seasoning ( you need to add according to how much pork belly you have. i used about 2 table spoon for each marinate for 1kg of pork belly)
1. Sesame oil
2. salt
3. sugar
4. 5 spices powder
5. oyster sauce
6. Dark soya sauce
7. light soya sauce
8. oil

1. Cook the pork belly for 30 minutes in boiling water. Take out and drain the water
2.marinate the pork belly with dark soya sauce, sugar , a pinch of five spices powder, salt and sesame oil.Keep it marinate for 1-2 hrs
3. Deep fried the pork belly and then put the whole thing in cold water with ice
4. Stirred fry 4-5 clove of garlic n 2 slices of ginger until golden brown. Garlic I keep the skin.
5. Add the pork belly in and water to fully cover the pork belly. Add in light soya sauce, dark soya sauce and oyster sauce for taste. Shimmer it for 2-3 hrs. Then take out and steam for 1 HR so that the meat will be soft. Serve when hot