[Personal] Seoul Good Day 6 and 7

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So Chris and I were thinking of exploring another place further away from the city area which is really really far. We took the train to the extreme last station to visit their indoor snow park call oneMount. Is really fun but taking a train for long hour with Zach is no joke cos he fuss alot in the train.

So we woke up in the morning and headed for some jukk place call Jukk. this place is slightly different from Megabon as they offer more variety of jukk. so we took our breakfast there and tabao some for zach for his lunch

so it was drizzling by the time we reach there

had a quick simple meal at one of their restaurant there. their Zha jiang meon is really good

snow park actually turn out to be a bad idea cos the place is cold and we are totally not prepare for that coldness...i mean is ok for us adults but really bad for zach
we din stay very long so we end up visiting their aquarium instead

we wanted to queue to sit the sledge but end up did not do that cos is super cold for zach so we left

so we left and went to their aquarium instead

is weird as they also have animals and birds in the aquarium haha

after that we took a long train back to Meonydong and then head to one of the local restaurant for some BBQ meat again...yummy

thanks dear for all the pampering hehehe

so for day 7, we took a afternoon flight insteadd of a night one..bad choice for us cos zach did not sleep throughout the flight and he was screaming and crying. it was so bad that the air steward requested us to move all the way back to the cabin to calm him down before returining to our seats.
our last breakfast in seoul before heading down to the airport

dunkin donuts is really good...their eggs tarts and coffee yummy!

pretty summarize up my korea trip. i do hope to travel with Hannah too..i wonder how is it like lol..hmmm...