[Personal] My kids and cameras

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I think most people would have realize that I am a mother of two now! a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old going to be ( turning one in Sept). I would confidently say that I am very contented with my current family life now - a doting husiban, two lively kids who fill my heart, 2 furry kids.
so I also realize that they are growing up very quickly..so are my furry kids. therefore, I will bring my camera with me all the time. just to capture precious moments spend with them. =). I used to think that iphone can capture everything, well, I cannot denied that this is the most convenient way but sometimes I feel that the photos are still not as good. so usually I will bring my camera out. everywhere I go, I will ensure that my cameras are with me other than my handphones - of cos my handphones has turn into Zachariah's toys..alamak...so I guess cameras are still the way for me..lol

somehow I still feel that traditional cameras still works the best for me. be it a micro four third / DSLR..
so as times goes by my requirements for a camera has also increase. so these are my top 5

1. from traditional heavy DSLR, I search for DLSR quality cameras that is of smaller size T10 / Alpha 7II
2. from many lens I used to bring to only 1 good quality one
3. from crop to full frame
4. from camera bags to camera wraps
5. my camera must come with WIFI so that I can upload my photos immediately without transferring to my laptop

so what is your fav? traditional camera or handphones for capturing your precious moments?