of EWF with cols today @ Orchard Central

today is a sinful day cos i ate a very sinful lunch. i had bacon cheese omelette burger with garlic fries. haha. not sure if you heard of Everything with Fries before? i guess you can find more information at their website http://www.everythingwithfries.com/

so what so interesting about them? gone are the days where burgers are only fish, beef patties. welcome burgers like ha geong kai (prawn paste chicken) burgers, batter fish burger ( like fish and chips type)..etc. a new taste and is really yummy. freshly made burgers comes with a choice of fries ( garlic, curry, sour cream & onion..if you like it plain, they have it too!)

their servings are huge and if you still have some place in your stomach reserved for some yummy deserts, you can try their yummy tarts..if you are a fan of nutella, you must try their tart! rich and creamy. m sure u will love it!!!

i love to eat and i love my PEN. sigh, after this meal, i had 2 hrs of exercise and yet i can't burn off the 1250 calories completely..faint.