of Taiwan Day 6 - Jiu Fen - Part 1

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this day we got a little more adventurous and checked out of our hotel and got our arse to Jiu Fen. the place where everyone is talking about! Getting Jiu fen is pretty easy, just need to buy a train ticket at Taipei Main station and take their railway train, alight at Rui Fang and take a cab up to Jiu Fen. We booked our accomdation with Shi Xia Xiang . The owner of the MinShu is very nice and offer to pick us up at Rui Fang train station. this is also my first time taking train lol.

our first meal in Rui Fang food centre! Food in Jiu Fen is very different from Taipei and apparently it is much cheaper too!

we also tried some of their local street food! yummy!

and this is LL and his Or AH Mee Sua lol

our Minshu is located at Jiu Fen. very near to the old town ( within walking distance). it cost about 120 per night which comes with breakfast and the Mingshu owner is very nice, he brought us around Jiu Fen for sight visiting too! u can contact him at

Shi Xia Xiang B&B
resevration hotline: +886-925-533-168

Look for Tim Wong!

anyway here are some of the pictures of the room we stayed in! it is facing the sea! very nice scenery and i am glad that we made this trip to Jiu Fen cos i love the place here. Super fresh air everyday ( at least for the days i m there lol)

the scenary outside our room!

we took a quick walk to the Jiu Fen old street for some street food

we tried their yam and tapioca deserts! very good and we love it!

we see dogs everywhere...and i miss Ronnie again while i m typing this post cos during this time, he is still alive except barking..and i know his illness has worsen despite i try not to think about it too much

some interesting stuff we find at Jiu Fen

black peanut!

some weird red looking kuey that we too scare to try haha

BBQ shell fish

cute auntie selling sotong balls and will post for everyone who wants to take picture with her and her megawatt smile
and the sotong ball is super yummy!

high grade Bubble tea!

scenary @ Jiu Fen is simply breathe taking lo

we also visited the old cinema ( already turn into museum liao la)

hmm. do you know that there are many movies / dramas that have jiu fen cast as their outdoor scene? There is one super old Japanese movie that was filmed here!

some night shots of Jiu Fen before we head out for Dinner at Kee Lung ( will continue in the next post)