of Danro good times at NEX !

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Finally, we got a chance to try out something new this weekend despite we are busy with our house. we went for a good dinner after our site visit! I heard much raves about Danro from bloggers and so here we are ~ our first time @ Danro!

Danro is a japanese shabu steamboat buffet, the difference between Danro and other japanese steamboat is their large variety of soup. this time, we took their nanbe (chicken bone with milk soup) and their chicken miso soup. They serve free flow of drinks, seafood,veges , beef, chicken and pork. they also serve some cooked food and ice cream too!

difference between i take picture and LL take picture is..i ensure his photo is clear..n his? i look blur......-_-"

the steamboat bowl has 2 side ( similar to those ma la hot pot we have) that allows u to have 2 different soup base. the soup is refillable and u can just pick up the soup container at the soup kiosk

the cooked food kiosk that serve fried rice, salmon chips, fried meat balls and pork ribs!
seafood they served ~ Scallops, flower crab, Lala (shell fish), salmon paste

sushi @ sushi bar
Veges and onsen egg ( i love it...)

thinly sliced pork n beef for shabu

they also hav large variety of sauce to go with! our fav peanut and black pepper sauce!

last but not least, whats better to end the last day of the meal with ? Japanese ice cream! i love the mango syrup with corn flakes!

Verdict :
Food : *** ( we love the nanbe soup base better than the miso one. LL feels that their nanbe one is better than nanbejin @ plaza sing while i beg to differ lol but both is as good)
Price : *** ( consider quite reasonable priced as cost about 30 bucks per pax on a wkend dinner)
Customer service : ***

Will i come again? Sure! cos i cant wait to try out other soup base!