of a not so nice experience at MBS ~ Phantom of Opera

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i decided to pen this down so that i can remember and share this with others la. Phantom of Opera is really good especially Brad Little portray Phantom very well. I love his performance. However, is the way how the theatre is managed now upset me a lot and probably us, as the consumer needs to learn to be more respectful to others.

THe thing is like this. I enjoyed the first half of the musical until the second part where everyone went out to get drinks and some they got food. of cos, i do not expect the consumers to finish whatever they purchase within 15 mins (including toilet breaks), so they are allowed to bring into the theatre ( but i make it attempt to finish my drinks). To my disgust, they are now even allowed to eat during the performance. i m so upset.

1. i paid for the tickets to listern to performance. not to hear people drink and chatting. They even munch on pop corns. i could barely hear what the performer is singing. this is also about respect for the performers. this couple actually munch so loudly and the ushers did not even attempt to stop them. i was there for lion king, wicked but previously they did not even allowed us to bring in food! whats wrong with these people? if you want to impress your gf or what, please, act high class la. and not act as if you are watching a movie in a cinema. if you want to munch pls go somewhere else... and what? the management actually allow people to eat during the performance. this really sucks. sorry to say this , although previously i work in MBS and i know these people..but really sucks. if f&B wants to earn more money, they should set rules and regulations. this is really terrible.

2. people chat in throughout the show. the gf wants to impress her bf how knowledgable she is that she keeps talking and talking non-stop. the best is, she say "howcome Sarah brightman is not here with the phantom?" hello, if you want to show how good u are, please, do some research...if sarah brightman is here as christine, she will be the oldest i even seen. even if you want to chat or talk, please talk smart.

sadly. i paid for the tickets and yet i get sucky services. but i do want to give credits to the performers. they did very well.