Dinner delight @ Lao Bei Jing Shi Tang ~ Plaza Sing

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I love food from Tunglok group always. Especially food from Lao Bei Jing. Their dinner menu is pretty simple and light. Nothing fanciful and is always nice to spend my dinner with my love ones at Lao Bei Jing. Usually for dinner, i usually keep it simple if it is just the two of us. 3 dishes with 1 soup is the maximum i will order as i dont want to have heavy dinner nor i want unfinished food to go into waste. So i will always ensure that the food i ordered will be a well balanced dinner for us. It will always consist of 1 meat dish, 1 vegetable dish and also 1 soup. The other dish will be open for a meat or toufu dish.

So today i will share with you the dishes i ordered the other day. The food at Lao Bei Jing is good and best of all, it is not very pricey.

Food : ***
Price : ***
Customer service : ***
Overall, will i come again? Yes

Fish Maw Soup @ $8.00. i love their soup. you can taste that the soup based is made using chicken stock. The soup is not too thick so you wont get the "ger lak" feeling. however, i feel the fish maw is not enough and the soup is not hot enough when it is served. it is just warmed. lol

Shan Bei Chicken @ $14.00. i love Shan Bei Chicken lol. the chicken is well marinated and stirred fried. This dish is not too dry for me and goes well with plain white rice

French beans @ $12.00. i love french beans. and especially this one, the minced pork that is fried with it is so nice that i finish half a bowl of rice just with this dish!

spicy beancurd @ $16.00 that it is called but this dish is not spicy to me at all. The beancurd is home-made and is very soft. The "spicy" bean paste that they used is a little sweet type. the sauce is really good ! i love this dish!

the dining experience @ Lao Bei Jing is always very good and i think you can find a couple of post on Lao Bei Jing too lol. till next time...